Global Outreach & Testimonials

San Bernardino, CA, USA

April 17, 2020 – Medical device Engineer Geoffrey Karasic and team (Kat Kennedy and Max Roberts) are working with the Los Angelas Covid-19 Innovation Coalition. They manufactured two V2.7 boxes for use in two ICU’s in LA. They began testing on April 17, 2020. They have setup a Go Fund Me Page.

Feedback :

  • Light weight
  • Has easy access for RT to reach inside (has to stand on the right side)
  • Has sturdier base with bent edging that acts as a stabilizer on a soft gurney to minimize wobbling or falling
  • Slanted front so the provider’s head doesn’t bang onto it.
  • Has enough clearance and height to easily remove the rigid stylet of the glidoscope
  • Has handles on top which makes adjusting placement and handling it much easier

Residency director at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center – “Thank you for letting us be a part of this. This is truly appreciated by all, especially our residents who have intubated numerous Covid confirmed patients.   They told me that they feel “safe” using this, that means more to me as their residency director than anything I can wish for.

The team will be using attached gloves for future testing.

Simulation using V2.7

Puebla, Mexico

April 24, 2020 – A Mexican company SignCorp produced fifty V2.7 enclosures for a health care clients (they completed this is 6 days). CEO Arq. Alfonso Abreu Guevara was given approval by our team to manufacture and distribute enclosures.

Wrocław, Poland

April 29, 2020 – A Polish company ATIC produced a prototype design based off our V2.7 enclosure for local distribution. They pursued a gemonetriclaly similar design, however they used aluminum rivets to bond panels. Piotr (Peter) Sinoff was given approval by our team to use our designs. Their website (in Polish) can be found HERE.