St.Paul’s Hospital Live Patient Testing (V2.7)

Anesthesiologist Dr. Tony Badh and his team intubated a live patient (non-covid) while using the V2.7 enclosure (April 20, 2020)

What we learned:

  • Wall suction attached to HEPAbac filter (press fit onto left side of enclosure). Suction seems to provide a significant negative draft. The suction “rubber end” fits nicely onto an elbow fitting on the filter. A drape was used on the exposed end of the enclosure, covering the patient and creating a better seal for negative-pressure draw.
  • Veterinary gloves fit well in the opening with an elastic band. Probably recommend wearing nitrile gloves over the top inside the box.
  • Patient was very comfortable inside prior to induction.
A clear plastic drape is taped to the open end of the enclosure.
The cutout for the assistant’s right arm can be used to bring items into the enclosure.
Clear plastic veterinary gloves are attached to arm hole openings prior to use.
HEPA filter and 90deg angle are shown on the left hand side of the enclosure. This is attached to wall suction.