Third Design (V2.7)

What we learned:

  • Surgical gloves can easily be retained by the lips on the outside of arm holes.
  • The 6deg draft allowed for easy stacking; I was able to fit 8 in an SUV. 
  • We might need to investigate other materials such as PETG or Polycarbonate; Acrylic is stiff, easy to seam weld, and can resist cleaning solvents, but is fragile and may cause a hazard to the user if dropped (impacted). We could use a Mylar sheet to contain broken fragments.  Might need to reinforce the unsupported side panels… however making sure not to entrap the patient with feet. 
  • Cavi-wipes do not haze or smudge acrylic. 
  • There may be an argument to go towards 6” (or oval) arm holes, as long as the gloves can still stretch around the lip.
Simulation runs at BC Children’s Hospital
5″ ID, protruded lip to secure gloves
St.Pauls Hospital Simulation
V2.7 Delivery from Walsh Plastics (stackable)
Cleaning with Cavi Wipes