Original box enclosure (V1.0)

What we learned:

  • Extending the depth of the box will better protect assistants who help with intubation.
  • There is no easy access for an assistant to help with intubation; RHS armholes would help.
  • 500 mm width does not accommodate patients with broad shoulders.
  • 500 mm height does not allow sufficient room for positioning ambu bag or removing a stylet from intubating a ramped patient.
  • 4” diameter armholes do not provide sufficient maneuverability to the majority of MDs.
  • Attending MDs request a way to seal forearms.
  • The flat top of the box can produce glare with certain overhead light conditions.
  • ⅛” thick acrylic provides a good trade-off between stiffness and weight, however the additional stiffening should be incorporated into the mechanical design.