A box to help protect doctors from infectious bodily fluids when performing intubation on COVID-19 patients.

Performing intubation places doctors at high risk for exposure to infectious bodily fluids produced by COVID-19 patients. The CovidBox helps contain these bodily fluids while providing openings to enable staff to access to the patient from two sides. The box weighs less than 15 pounds and can be easily and quickly positioned or removed.  The CovidBox is reusable and can be cleaned by wiping with alcohol. Apply a drape with tape to cover the torso and create a tighter seal.

CovidBox can be used on a ramped patient.
Team intubated a simulated patient.
Fluorescent dye simulates patient aerosols trapped on the CovidBox






The design and development of the CovidBox has been led by Mike Rooney (Mechanical engineer, UBC Dept. of Chemistry, Berlinguette group) with support from:

  • Dr. Tony Badh and his team with the Dept of Anesthesiology at St Paul’s Hospital (Vancouver, Canada), who are helping test CovidBox and providing design input.
  • Dr. Neil Ramsay and physicians at Vancouver General Hospital (Vancouver, Canada), who are helping test CovidBox and providing design input.
  • Other members of the Berlinguette Group (UBC Dept. of Chemistry) including Karry Ocean, Fraser Parlane, and Ben MacLeod who are helping with design, logistics, and communications.
  • Prof. Zac Hudson who is giving design input.
  • Dylan Gunn (with the UBC Engineering Physics Project Lab) and the VMERS community who are providing organization guidance and general support.


The development of this box has been made possible by a large number of people. Particularly, we would like to thank:


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